Sunday … April 16, 2017 … 10 AM – 8 PMish …

It will be a friendly (open) level tournament. The teams will be made up of (all) levels … Copper to Gold. The teams will be drafted by Dry Ice Management.

Each game will last 20 minutes. There will be two 10 minute periods with a running clock.

You’re guaranteed 3 games, plus playoffs. You’ll be tired at the end.

There will be 8 skaters per team. Players are limited to 1 goal per game. Your goals will be scored according to your level. The levels and points are listed below:

  • Copper = 5 points
  • Bronze = 3 points
  • Silver = 2 points
  • Gold = 1 point

Get this. Each penalty is worth a penalty shot. Play nice. No offsides. No slapshots!

Take out rule, two faceoffs per game.

Individual registration is $30.00. You can register online using DASH. The team name is (Easter Sunday Puck Hunt Registration!!).

Goalie Tournament

Goalies will be assigned to specific games … not to specific teams. They will be swapping teams each period. The goalie winner will be determined by the number of periods won throughout the tournament and then by goals against.


Have Fun!!!