How to get started

So you have an idea of what league to join, now you want to register and start. Well, here is all the information you need so we can connect with you and get you out there.

Step One: you will need to register for an account on Daysmart. Registration is $40 every June and is prorated throughout the year. Daysmart is how we schedule/roster and accept payments. You can register here: DAYSMART


  • As much detail as possible regarding your experience with both skating and hockey. For example, how many years have you played, and at what levels have you played in the past. Do not worry about getting place in the wrong league, we are always able to re-assign you.
  • Which nights of the week you are available to play? Keep in mind our leagues tend to run strong compared to most other leagues, so our Silver A league might be more like a Gold league at other rinks.
  • Step Three: Read the below information:

    What you will need to play

  • Full hockey equipment minus a chest protector is required during play, Face cage protection and mouth guard is not required if you are over 18 but strongly recommended.
  • White cloth hockey tape is the only hockey tape permitted on our floor, if you are caught with any other color, you will be penalized or ejected from the game until you have corrected it. White tape can be purchased at our bar at any time.
  • We strongly recommend you have your own full set of gear, however we do have free full sets of loaner equipment you may use if needed. You will need to arrive early to games and ask the bartender for access to the rental closet. Bring an active driver’s license for collateral against the equipment. We also sell some small equipment at the bar: wheels, bearings, jocks, spacers, repair kits, pucks, clear/white tape, and jeresies. You won’t find better deals.
  • You will need both a Light jersey and a Dark jersey. The colors White and Black are recommended until you meet your team and find out if they have colored jerseys.
  • Each Jersey will need to have a number on it that is unique and not copied elsewhere on the team.
  • Each jersey you play with in a particular league, must have the same number on it.
  • Yellow jerseys and Gray jerseys are both illegal unless your entire team is either Gray or yellow.
  • *Jersey note: If you are new to the rink, you will be given leniency for the first week or two of the season in regards to your jersey, however beyond that you will not be eligible to play if your jersey isn’t light enough, isn’t dark enough, is too far off your team color, missing a number, incorrect number, or not a unique number.

    What else to know

  • We use a custom passing off-sides rule in all leagues except for Platinum. The centerline is our off-sides line and you may skate the puck off-sides, but you may not pass the puck off-sides.
  • Our coed/family league is invitation only. It is a different and much more casual/friendly version of the game and any players that violate the spirit of those rules will get uninvited.
  • We have a locked goalie locker room where goalies may store their equipment. Certain conditions apply, to qualify you must goaltend on at least 2 different teams/nights .
  • Our referees also get to store equipment in our referee only locker room. Starting pay is $21 per hour. You may also chose to receive free league fees.
  • We have the cheapest beer prices in the bay, that’s a fact not an advertisement. We also have a variety of emergency equipment for sale that is priced below market, including wheels and bearings.
  • New Team Discount: We offer 50% the entire team’s first season league fees + %100 off the team captain’s league fee for the first season, for anyone that brings in a complete new team (including goalie) made up of entirely non existing players. Restrictions apply, email us for more details
  • We are a nonprofit rink, everything you here and everything you buy goes to benefit our rink directly. We are also run mostly by volunteers, if you would like to help out please let us know. At the moment we are seeking Youth Hockey Board Members