Dry Ice, the home rink of Oakland sadly went out of business in 2020 after being founded in 1995. Julia and Matt, two players created a small nonprofit in the hopes of saving Dry Ice and preserving the wonderful community they found there. with the help of a small team of volunteers and an large community of inline enthusiast, they were able to save the rink and community we all fell in love with. Nor-Cal Inline was born in early 2020 at the start of the pandemic. We have been through a lot of trials and tribulations but our community has persevered though it all and now Nor-Cal Inline is the largest and most well known nonprofit inline facility in California. Most of our staff consists of volunteers made of our own community and we have banded together to not only preserve our leagues but also to make major facility improvements. The Facility has undergone several improvements, we now no longer have junk piles stored at our facility and instead we have created additional outside locker room space, we now have painted lines and circles on the rink, the inside and outside of our 20,000 square foot building bas been painted, we have new carpet, stools, tables in the bar and seating area, our employees and volunteers now have a employee lounge area, our referees have a dedicated referee locker room to store gear, our goalies now have a dedicated goalie locker room to store gear, our entire bar has been upgraded which means new floor, new frigerated, new kegerator, new shelving, and additional kegerator was added which means our beers on tap will no longer run out. new frames were added to rink behind the nets where they were previous warped, new glass was restored to rink where there had previously been cracks, hundreds of pounds of concrete has been grinded off the floor, to flatten areas the were previously not flat. Our servelence system has been completely upgraded, from on rink cameras to parking lot cams available to view from the bar area. Our next mission is to restore youth hockey which has been lacking for many many years. We look forward to you joining our community. Nor-Cal Inline, for the players, by the players.

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