Turkey Tourney


That Thanksgiving Day turkey will make you fat and weak. Sign up for the Turkey Tourney now!

This a friendly, OPEN level tournament that takes place on (STILL TO BE DECIDED, BUT COMING UP SOON). Games will start at 9:00 AM. The tournament could last until 9:00 PM.

The games will last for 20 minutes. There will be two, ten¬†minute periods, with a running clock. You’ll be guaranteed 3 games, plus the playoffs.

The teams will be made up of all levels, beginner to expert. Eight skaters will be on a team. The Dry Ice management will create the teams.

Players will be limited to 1 goal a game. The goals will get scored differently according to the players level. Listed below are the points assigned to each skill level:

  • Copper: 5 points
  • Bronze: 3 points
  • Silver: 2 points
  • Gold: 1 point

Each penalty is worth a penalty shot. There will be no offsides. Slapshots are not allowed! There will be only two faceoffs per game.

In order to register, you can either use DASH, or register in person, at the Dry Ice bar, before the day of the tournament. The team name to register under is (Burn off the Turkey Tourney Registration). Registration will cost $30.

Goalies will be playing in their “own tournament.” They’ll be assigned to specific games, not specific teams. They’ll be swapping teams each period. The goalie winner will be determined by the number of periods won throughout the tournament. If there is a tie, then we’ll look at the goals against.

If you want to have fun and burn off that bird at the same time … this tournament is for you! Win it and make us proud!

Burn off the Turkey Tourney