Two Team Payment Options

There are two payment options a team must chose prior to every season:

1. Team Fee- a team fee is paid by only player for the entire team. Team payments are 2.5% cheaper overall. Team fees allow for team captains to distribute fees to their players however they wish instead of everyone paying the same full time rate. Once the base team fee is paid, additional players may be added early on in the season for $50 each, assuming they have been approved by the league

2. Individual Fee- An full individual league fee is paid by each rostered player. With an individual option, each player is responsible for making their own payment. All players regardless of full-time status must pay the full league fee. When a new player is added early in the season, they must pay an additional full league fee.

General League fee Policies

Any player or team who is not paid in full, has until the first game of the season to make payment. Any unpaid players after that time are dropped from the roster. Since our league fees are based on # of players, if a player is dropped from the roster, league fees will be reassessed for each team and the remainder will be due by the following game. If a team is ever under our team minimum 8 players, that team is subject to gaining free agents from the leagues free agent pool. Alternatively the team may chose to cover the 8th roster spot themselves to avoid adding a free agent.

Rostered Players vs Substitutes

Rostered players are registered players on the Daysmart roster, and they have been officially approved to play for their rostered team during any game regular or post season. Rostered players have either paid or had their roster spot paid for them.

Substitutes are any player not on a team’s Daysmart roster. Substitutes are only eligible to play when they have:

  • Paid a sub fee already ($20) payable at the bar
  • Not been denied by the opposing team
  • A sub may be denied by the opposing team at for any reason, during any game, under any circumstances without exception. Subs are never eligible to play in a post season game without exception. The consequence for a team using a sub during playoffs is at the leagues discretion, and may result in forfeiture. It is always the responsibility for the opposing team to check with the scorekeeper if a sub is being used. If a reasonable amount of time has passed and a sub has not been denied they are deemed to have been approved. Once a sub is approved they may not be un-approved unless a additional player has shown up for the subbing team. No “gentlemen’s agreements” regarding subs such as “a sub is not allowed to shoot” will be enforced. Since Goalies play for free at NCI, rostered Goalies are only approved to participate for the team as a goalie, if they participate for their team as a non-goalie they are considered a substitute.

    Team and Player Penalty Caps

  • No individual may exceed 16 penalty minutes in a season, or they will be ineligible for all playoffs for that season. If a player is suspended for any games, those games will be included using their average penalties per game.
  • No team may average 5.4 or more penalty minutes per game played, or they will be ineligible for all playoffs that season. Forfeited or partially forfeited games will be included using their average penalties per game.
  • 4th goal

    All silver and bronze leagues have a 3 goal cap on individuals. No player may score more than 3 goals during the entirety of any 1 game, including overtime. If a player scores a 4th goal directly, they will be penalized for delay of game. If a player indirectly scores a 4th goal, no penalty shall be assessed. Whether a player scores a 4th goal directly or indirectly, it shall not count.

    Starting a Game

    Games cannot be forfeited when a team is short player at the start of a game. If a team is missing players the opposing team may chose to allow them to wait, or force them to play with the existing players, either way the clock will start on time and tick down. *A team can still forfeit a game if due to penalties and ejections, they fall below 3 skaters and a goalie

    Jerseys & Numbers

    Jerseys must reasonably match and have a unique number. “reasonable” is determined by the referees. This rule also applies to subs. Anyone not adhering to this rule is not eligible to play. New players may be given a reasonable amount of leeway time to make arrangements for a legal jersey.

    Game Ejections

    Any players who receives 5 or more penalty minutes in 1 game will be ejected. At referee discretion, a 6th penalty minute may be allowed depending on the nature of the penalties committed. Any player who is called for more than 1 abuse of official sportsman like conduct penalty, will be ejected without exception. Any player ejected for “abuse of official” will automatically receive a suspension for the following game. When a player is a ejected from a game, they must leave the facility immediately unless permission is given by the referees in charge of that game.

    Disciplinary Actions

    All in-game disciplinary action is reviewed by our third party disciplinary committee. The league enforces rulings voted on by the committee. No disciplinary members may participate in leagues at NCI.

    Disciplinary Reviews

    Anyone who receives a Major Penalty will automatically receive an additional game suspension in addition to getting ejected from the current game. Anyone who receives 2 un-sportsmen-like conduct penalty’s in the same game for abuse of official will automatically receive an additional game suspension in addition to getting ejected from the current game. Anyone who commits a penalty near the end of the game and does not finish serving the penalty by the time the game expires shall automatically be reviewed for additional suspension. Anyone who is ejected from a game for any reason shall automatically be reviewed for additional suspension. Any play may be reviewed for possible league action including suspension on the recommendation of NCI staff active at the time of the incident regardless of whether or not the incident was penalized in game.

    Custom Off-Sides

    We use a custom off-sides rule designed for the sole purpose of eliminating cross ice passes and for no other reason. A play is off-sides if it passed behind the center line to a player who is beyond the center line before the puck crosses. When a puck is passed to a teammate off-sides via a rootbound off the goalie, this play will be deemed off-sides. A puck shot directly into the net shall be a legal goal as long as an off-sides player does not contact the puck.